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Below is a growing collection of my experiences as an adult in the working world. Learning from failure and persistence has been the code to my success.


An app to simplify parties. Invites, guestlists, wristbands, time, and effort exerted towards throwing an epic event, but what if there was a better way? Dayger condensed all the components of hosting an incredible event into a few simple steps. 

To the right is an in-app walkthrough of "Dayger" that I helped to create by organizing the meeting, scheduling the voice actress, writing the script, and recording the audio and video. I had many more responsibilities with the company, all of which you can find in my:

Blue Skies
Hot Air Balloons

Workin' Man

I worked for Skyline Contractors from April through August to learn about residential and commercial development. I was mentored and acted as a sales representative from April to the beginning of June. During this training period, I drove employees, met with homeowners, filed insurance claims, ran materials, scheduled builds, took drone pictures of roofs, and learned all of the software used by the company (Jobnimbus, CompnayCam, Salesrabbit, Sumoquote, etc.). After completing my training, I signed six contracts with five homeowners and one commercial building group. The prices for these builds ranged from $8,000 to $31,000 and were either cash bids or insurance claims. I gained first-hand experience in the insurance industry, residential and commercial development, and creating relationships with homeowners/clients. I built great relationships with homeowners and fellow employees, took great pride in improving hardworking people's properties and homes, and discovered new confidence in myself to take on intellectual challenges.

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Alexa Young, CA



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